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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Furnished Apartments In Sylvania

February 07, 2022
Modern living room at Park 66 Flats

A furnished apartment in Sylvania comes with all of the furniture you require for living there. The day the leasing specialist gives you the key, you can walk straight in and sit down on your couch without having to purchase or move furniture. This perk can be an awesome amenity. But are furnished apartments a good option for all Residents? Before you sign the lease for a furnished apartment, examine the benefits and drawbacks and how they affect your situation. 

The Pros Of Furnished Apartments In Sylvania

Modern living room at Spark Apartments 

A furnished apartment doesn't sound good to everybody, but for some people, it makes perfect sense. If you have a case where you don’t want or don’t have to transport your own furnishings — or maybe you can't — a furnished Sylvania apartment could prove beneficial.

Best For Short Leases

Lots of people go with a furnished apartment in Sylvania when they aren’t anticipating to stay there long. These Residents are usually students, in between homes, or working in the area temporarily. You won’t want to bring along your own furniture if you need a short-term lease during a life transition. A furnished apartment makes moving less difficult.

Save Some Initial Cash Without Buying Furniture

Not everyone who lives in an apartment has their own furniture. You might be moving too far a distance to bring your furniture or moving out for the first time. A furnished apartment includes every necessity and saves you the expense of buying furniture. Then, you have time to save up and choose your own furniture.

Moving Is A Breeze

Another line item you can skimp on is a moving company. Without bulky furniture, your moving day will be easier and cheaper. You won’t need to recruit friends to move your furniture or pay someone to do it.

The Cons Of Furnished Apartments In Sylvania

An eclectic style living room at Union Flats Apartments. 

Furnished apartments have perks in specific circumstances, but they won’t meet everyone’s needs. Before signing the lease on a furnished apartment in Sylvania, consider these things.

You Might Dislike The Furniture

Luxury apartment communities take great care of their furnished apartments, but that doesn’t mean you will be keen on the furniture. Everybody has different needs and preferences. The couch may not be your style, or the bed might not feel like your own. You have to ask yourself if the convenience of a furnished apartment is worth an eyesore and a backache.

Of course, you can find a way to make the furniture meet your needs. A slipcover can give the sofa a a color you like better, and a mattress topper can relieve your aching back.

You Might End Up With Duplicate Furniture

If you own furniture already have furniture, you probably don’t require a furnished apartment. You might have two of some things, and even the most spacious floor plans won’t have space for all the things. If you need a furnished apartment because you have chosen a short-term lease, you could keep your furnishing in a apartment garage or spare room, but that has its own costs.

Rent Is Higher

Probably the biggest drawback to furnished apartments is the more expensive rent. They usually cost more because the majority of furnished apartments have short-term leases and require more maintenance. But the convenience may be worth it to you after you weigh the costs of moving costs, a longer lease, or furniture prices.

Ask SOMO Flats About Furnished Apartments

If you need a furnished apartment, SOMO can help. We coordinate with third-party companies to offer luxuriously furnished apartments in a beautiful community you’ll love calling home. But first, call us at 419-843-0855 or schedule a tour so we can give you more information.