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Dont Make These Frequent Mistakes When Renting An Apartment In Sylvania

July 01, 2021

Apartment building exterior

Apartment searching might appear simple, but some Residents make mistakes when renting an apartment in Sylvania. They pay too much, neglect to research the surrounding community, agree to a lease before reading it, and fail to snap photos after moving in. Each of these mistakes can diminish the renting experience. To make the most of your search and secure the perfect apartment for you, avoid these common faux pas.
Fitness Center in a Sylvania apartment community.

Forgetting Day-To-Day Expenses

One of the most big deciding factors in your apartment hunt should be your price limit. If you find an apartment that’s near the limit of your price range, don’t neglect to add in monthly charges. You may find that a pricier apartment includes utilities and in-unit laundry while you pay for those separately at a cheaper apartment. Individual communities charge differently for reserved parking and pet fees. You may additionally figure out that a community with amenities like a fitness center or pool saves you gym membership costs.

Apartment community in Sylvania 

Forgetting To Investigate The Neighborhood

Few Sylvania Residents rent an apartment without a tour beforehand, but don’t neglect to look at the neighborhood too. To find out more about your neighborhood, explore it at various times and speak to the neighbors. Note noise levels, traffic volumes, and general amiability of the area. You may see that the peaceful neighborhood you see at 2 PM throws unruly parties at night or has a traffic jam each day at rush hour.

Search engines can help you as well. Perform an internet search to find out more about shopping and attractions in that area of Sylvania, the schools, your new commute, and more.

Rental lease agreement.

Signing The Lease Without Reading The Fine Print

Among the most seen mistakes when renting an apartment in Sylvania is not reading the fine print. Before you sign the lease, read it carefully so that you know what you’re agreeing to. If you feel off about something, review it with a more experienced friend or a lawyer. A local tenant information hotline can help as well.

You should also know your responsibilities as a Resident. Watch for any points that you are unable to abide by. For instance, if you plan to sublet your apartment, but the lease precludes this, you should make other plans. 

Model apartment bedroom

Neglecting To Snap Pictures Before Moving In

Once you’ve signed your paperwork and received the keys, you can live in your new apartment! But before moving in, you have one more chore. To avoid penalty fees later, note existing damage and let the leasing office know. A great apartment community will make sure everything is clean and functioning properly, but unexpected problems can arise. The top communities will have a pre-move-in walk through with management and will identify any pre-existing damage together.

Take notes and photos of anything that stands out. If your apartment community asks you to fill out a move-in checklist, copy it to keep for your information. And feel free to note problems that are not on their list.

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